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Educate Slovakia

We want young people in Slovakia to become more proactive and self-aware through knowing other cultures and differences in the world.

Educate Slovakia contributes to Sustainable Development Goals through its contribution towards the Goal #4 – Quality Education.

Youth 4 Global Goals

About SDGs

Sustainable Development Goals are 17 Global Goals that were adopted by all 193 United Nation countries to achieve sustainable development in economic, social and environmental dimension by the year 2030. AIESEC adopted these goals and is actively contributing to their fulfillment.

Goal of the Project

The project brings young people from different parts of the world to do lectures and interactive workshops, which will help them to become more self-aware and confident. Project contains of one week preparation seminar and four/five weeks of curricula delivery that differs depending on the age group.

8.1.2018 – 18.2.2018

About Educate Slovakia

Educate Slovakia is a 6 weeks project – with one week preparation seminar and 5 weeks of working. During the preparation seminar, you will be together with all interns getting trainings and preparing presentations for the upcoming weeks. During the 5 weeks, you will work in couples and change school every week. During one week in one school, the couple has 20 hours with 4 classes (approximately 5 working hours a day). Content of the presentations differ based on the age range. There are 3 main age groups – two in elementary schools and one in high school. You might be working with all three groups during your internship.

Elementary Schools

6-9 years old

  • Get to know me and my country
  • Traditions of the country
  • Art of the country
  • Everybody‘s different
  • Intercultural communication

10-15 years old

  • Get to know me and my country
  • Traditions of the country
  • Lifestyle in modern world
  • Self development and life opportunities
  • Intercultural communication

High Schools

15-19 years old

  • Get to know me and my country
  • Traditions off the country
  • Self development and life opportunities
  • World issues discussion
  • Intercultural communication

What can you expect?

  • 1 week of preparation (together with all interns) – agenda will be sent 1 month before the arrival
  • 5 weeks of work
  • working in couples
  • 5 hours with 4 classes per week
  • different school every week
  • accommodation in dormitories, hostels or host families provided
  • lunch is provided during 5 working weeks on weekdays (not during preparation week)

What are we looking for?

Intermediate English

Presentation skills

Working with kids

PC Skills

What can you gain?

Project management skills

Global mindset & Cultural awareness

International team experience

Self-awareness & confidence

There are 7 AIESEC local branches in 6 cities. Project Educate Slovakia is a national project, which means all 7 branches organize the project with the same standards and concept. In order to be able to choose the branch, check page GOOD IDEA SLOVAKIA.
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Frequently Asked Questions


This section should answer all your possible questions regarding logistics, job description and living. In case there are any other questions, we would be happy to answer them.




Visa & Work permit


You can find all visa information on Visa costs, including sending of original documents from Slovakia to the origin country, are mandatory to be fully covered and compensated by your private funds. AIESEC in Slovakia provides all needed documents such as invitation letter, accommodation letter, etc. It is highly recommended to have approved visa at least one month before the arrival (any exceptional cases must be confirmed with Opportunity Manager). Following documents are required to be sent latest 1 week in advance before the internship’s start: VISA approval and reserved tickets, which will guarantee his arrival.


Arrival Pick-up


You will be picked up upon the arrival in Slovakia, and that in case you travel by bus, car or train and arrive directly in the city where you have to participate in the project. Cases when you won’t be picked up, but you will be provided with detailed guideline and support in advance before arrival: traveling by plane; arriving abroad; arriving in Bratislava but your internship is in another Slovak region. You are required to send your arrival information latest with 1 week in advance.


Departure Support


You have right to receive an assistance in departure that includes: assistance in buying return ticket; accompany to departure place in case the one is located in the city of your project; detailed instructions on how to get departure place in case the one is not located in the city of your project.


Job Description


A detailed job description package has to be provided one month before the start of the project. During the incoming preparation week you will receive all the information and preparation needed, everything aligned and according to job description package you have got in advance. In case of any doubts or questions you have right to approach the hosting entity for more information and clarification.




Duration of the project is 6 weeks and you are expected to stay not less than that. These 6 weeks consists of one week preparation seminar and 5 weeks of volunteering work.


Working hours


The activities related to executing official job description require 25 – 30 hours on weekly basis. Usually, weekend days are free. Yet, if the internship includes any activities during weekend (special events, preparation, etc.), you will be announced with at least 48 hours in advance and your presence in that specific case is mandatory.


First day of work


You will be accompanied or guided to the place of work on first working day. You will be introduced to the person responsible from the school (director, teachers, etc.).


Individual goals


You will have clear and measurable individual goals monitored through the key performance indicators. During the preparation of the internship, you will be introduced to the KPI system – ex. % of participation to all working hours, % of participation to preparation sessions, % of positive feedback from project participants, etc. Evaluation of the performance results will appear on the certificate after the completion of the internship.






The Home Entity and you are responsible to have at least a basic travel health insurance for the whole duration of internship. In case that Host Entity requires scanned document as approval, it is obligatory for you to send it before arrival. In any emergency, you have to cover any of your health costs that are not covered by your health insurance.




Accommodation is provided and fully covered in all cases. You are usually accommodated in student dorms, hostels or with slovak host families, rarely in rented apartments. Changing of accommodation place might be necessary in some cases (usually if you would live in host families). All detail specification of accommodation will be provided latest 1 week in advance before the arrival.

Minimum standards of the place of the accommodation:

  • maximum 4 people / 1 room;
  • maximum 6 people / 1 bathroom;
  • washing machine access once/week (possible with a fee);
  • hot water ensured.


Basic Living costs


  • Transportation inside the city – not provided and costs are not covered.
  • Food – one hot meal during the workdays is covered. Food during the preparation seminar is not covered.
  • Phone SIM Card – you are required to buy and use Slovak or EU card during the first week of the internship. There might be an option to avoid SIM card and use a different communication channel – must be confirmed and approved upon arrival by Opportunity manager.
  • Internet access – you will have the internet access either at accommodation place, or in the AIESEC office.